David and Stephanie Broomfield

David and Stephanie Broomfield

West Camera has been a community staple since it was established in 1985. Currently owned by David and Stephanie Broomfield, West Camera was purchased from its original owner in 2013. We take pride in creating a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environments that accommodates all levels of photographic experience and knowledge!

Our vision for West Camera is to expand our product base by being up to date with all the current trends, while embracing the true artistic photographer. We still process and sell all film types. Our film printing is done with wet lab process, giving you the most vibrant and truest colours.

Our multigenerational team at west camera will ensure a healthy mixture of analog experience and digital proficiency! All you’ll have to do is ask and we will answer just about any question you can think of!

Our technical wizard is D. He’s excellent on Photoshop, and will gladly assist you with any questions or custom requests you may have.

Pete is our front counter person. I can guarantee you will always be greeted with a warm and friendly smile.

I manage the store. You can come in and speak with me regarding the store, our products, photography, or just the weather if you choose. Next time you’re in the area, stop in, say hi, and check us out.

David Broomfield

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